Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With a little help from my friend

I was a little nervous last week as my final dress fitting was quickly approaching, and while I love my dress, at the previous fitting in March, it had been snug. (Snug enough that I decided to have the seams let out just a little bit.)

So Friday morning, I actually went out and bought every pair of Spanx that might work under my dress at my favorite local department store. Power panties, Higher Power, Slim Cognito- I tried them all. And I also tried similar ones made by Wacoal and Bali. I'm talking about 9 or so pairs of these slimming sausage makers, coming in at the astounding price of nearly $500. Fear not, lest you think I'm spending almost as much on foundation garments as my dress- all are returnable with a receipt and the tags still on them.

I did a quick try on of all of the pairs just before leaving for my fitting, which led to the quick rejection of about 4 pairs, and one clear front-runner in the "slim my middle" contest.

At the salon, I tried on my dress, and it fit. Perfectly. Now, I'd like to attribute it to the fact that I've tried to watch what I eat, exercise a bit, and had the seams let out just a smidge, but that would be giving myself too much credit. No, the front-runner pulled through in an big way:

Spanx Hide and Sleek Strapless Full Slip

Slimming, smoothing, and actually pretty comfortable. With the added bonus that the slip design (as opposed to a bike short design) makes it fairly easy to utilize the facilities when nature calls.

What is your secret slimming undergarment?

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