Thursday, April 3, 2008

Popularity contest

There's a bit of a popularity contest running right now between the registries. (And no, I haven't peaked.) Dillard's is single handedly destroying the competition, as it seems that most people thus far greatly prefer shopping at Dillard's over Williams-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel.

My explanation for that? It's a generational thing. People in my parent's generation much prefer to shop at traditional department stores, whereas our friends would be much more likely to go to Crate and Barrel.

And popularity items? China wins, hands down. Confirming the observation by Calvin's mom and her dear friend, people just love giving a 5 piece place setting. (Maybe it helps that our china pattern is priced at the totally-reasonable-for-china price at $70/place setting. But it's so pretty)
Gratuitous china picture from here.

What registry have you found to be the most popular?


midwest transplant said...

So here is my rationale. I've been thinking about appropriate wedding gifts alot and I've decided that I would rather get you (and cousin getting married in the fall) something like china or silver that you aren't going to have the opportunity to purchase or receive as gifts again. This is the chance for you to complete the fancy dishware set and silver than you can pass on to the grandkids. Mixing bowls and such are nice, but cheaper and can be added more slowly. But I want to be darn sure that you aren't stuck with 11 place settings and no salt and paper shakers. And I think its completely ok to peek!

(also, I can't figure out how to access the Williams-Sonoma registry)
Love ya!

Meg said...

yeah, williams-sonoma's registry system is definitely on the craptastic side.

just fill in the info, and it should let you access it.