Friday, April 4, 2008

The importance of text

I saw this column/post about the font used by Barack Obama on the campaign trail, and it got me thinking about the reasons why we chose the font that we did. The point in the column is that the Obama campaign's use of the font "Gotham" is strategic, and that it evokes certain feelings that other fonts don't. Like this:

Image found here.

Comic Sans is too silly, Times Roman is too serious, but Gotham is just right. (Goldilocks, anyone?)

This got me thinking about our own fonts that we considered using for our wedding invitations (and other paper goods).

From top to bottom: Bickham Script Pro Semibold, Vladimir script, Penman Script, JaneAusten and Tagettes. All either standard on MS Windows, or available at

Tagettes just seemed perfect to us- not too loopy and formal, yet not too informal either. And a little bit of a vintage flair.

What fonts are you using in your wedding stationary?

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