Monday, April 7, 2008

Shower Surprise!

No, I didn't have a surprise shower- living in Michigan with a wedding in Cleveland, it would not have been possible for the shower planners to make it a surprise shower.

Instead, my mom (and Calvin) conspired to bring a shower surprise. I drove into town on Friday for a dress fitting, with a hair and makeup trial and shower on Saturday. I was up late chatting with my parents, but decided around midnight that it was time to head to bed since the next day was going to be busy.

I call Calvin (as I typically do) as I crawl into bed, and he is Mr. Chatty that night- I assume that he was highly caffeinated and was up late playing video games, which he does from time to time when I'm out of town and he's home by himself.

And then my mom calls me to come downstairs. It's 1:15am. I'm exhausted, cold and in my pajamas. And who is there waiting for me?

Calvin, who'd driven in from Michigan to pick up my best friend (and maid of honor) in the whole wide world at the airport. She, who lives in Boston and told me that she wouldn't be able to make it into town that weekend. She, with whom I had been playing phone tag for over a month, and from whom on Thursday I received a voicemail saying that she'd try and talk with me on Saturday.

I was shocked. And speechless.

How have you been surprised in regards to your wedding?

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