Friday, April 11, 2008

Shower fun

I've already mentioned it a couple of times before, but after recapping the rest of last weekend (what with a shower surprise, dress fitting, dance lesson and makeup trial), I feel like I can finally get to the main event of the weekend: my shower.

Since my bridesmaids live out of town (and don't all know each other), and my extended family is not especially close knit, my mom, Calvin's mom and Calvin's mom's best friend graciously hosted the event at my parents' house. There were about 25 or so people in attendance for the afternoon tea, from some of the "kids" I used to babysit for 10 years ago to the women from church who were like second moms to me growing up to some of the women who played a significant part in Calvin's life. It was, in a word, overwhelmingly amazing.

The crowd:

Part way through, one of the women from my parents' neighborhood realized that I needed a bouquet for the rehearsal dinner- here they are, hard at work:

(Much to their dismay, I did not break a single ribbon when I was unwrapping packages, suggesting that I will not have kids in the future. This was a conscious effort on my part.)

The theme of the shower, and everyone was assigned a specific hour of the day, and told to bring something that Calvin and I would use at that hour. Calvin's aunt, who was assigned 7am, came in carrying this.

I was a little confused, until I saw the card- Breakfast in Bed! (It contained a basket containing teas and coffee and other assorted breakfast goodness.)

And it wouldn't be a party without food:

This was only half of the spread, but it was amazing.

And a gratuitous closeup of what was left of the petit fours that my mom made. And not just any flavor- no, they were rose flavored, which is one of my favorite flavorings for dessert. (Anyone else think my mom could go into business selling these?)

I still can't get over how generous everyone was, and how wonderful it was to have all of these women together in the same room.


midwest transplant said...

wow, is it bad that I can easily pick out the back of Mrs. E's head? Looks like a really nice time, and your mom's desserts look perfect and so fancy.
I think your make-up looked great. Your eyelashes were super long and really popped. I agree about the hair, if you plan on dancing you want to make sure that it is tight enough to stand up to all the movement. Looks great though!

Meg said...

no, it's not bad at all- she has a very distinguishable head :-)

It was really fun, and it was too bad you weren't in town for it. But I shall see you for the wedding. (And thanks for the comments about my hair and makeup- I'm still really pleased with how it all turned out.)